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Today with our special offer you will receive a FREE one-month supply of Super Prostate for only $9.95 US shipping. As an added bonus gift with today’s special offer you’ll also receive our FREE prostate guide e-book plus a FREE moisturizing cream. After 25 days, and every 60 days thereafter, you will automatically be shipped and charged 2 bottles of Super Prostate, a 60-day supply, for just $99.90 with your free cream plus discounted $6.95 US shipping to the credit card you use today. If for any reason you do not want future shipments all you need to do is call our customer service number at 1-800-789-3438 within the next 25 days to cancel and there will be no further charges.

Also, you have our price guarantee that we will not raise your price unless you cancel your order.

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