In the process of researching and developing Super Prostate Formula, we noticed a pattern of mistakes consumers were making when purchasing their prostate supplements. So watch out, and don’t make any of these mistakes!


Relying on Just 1 or 2 Prostate Supportive Ingredients.
Your supplement should have a broad spectrum of several prostate ingredients for optimal prostate health.  Not all natural ingredients work for everyone, so you may be disappointed if you rely on just one or two ingredients. Using a broad range of natural supplements may help increase your chances of success – and a good night’s sleep.


Assuming All Saw Palmetto Ingredients Are The Same.      
Not all saw palmettos ingredients deliver the same benefits. Don’t be foolishly romanced into believing you’re getting the amount of saw palmetto that’s actually going to benefit you just because the label lists saw palmetto as an ingredient. Very few prostate supplements deliver the “gold” standard of 288 mgs of saw palmetto free fatty acids used in several clinical studies. They may claim to provide a high number of 300 or even more milligrams of saw palmetto, but if the concentration of free fatty acids that get extracted from the saw palmetto is low, you may be significantly compromising the effectiveness of your prostate supplement.


Assuming Beta Sitosterol is Better Than Saw Palmetto.
This is simply not true. Some prostate supplements may rely almost entirely on beta sitosterol while omitting saw palmetto extract.  However, by just relying on beta sitosterol you are making BIG MISTAKE #1 and losing out on the potential prostate supportive benefits of saw palmetto extract. By combining both beta sitosterol and saw palmetto, you are getting the benefits of both while covering your bases.


Buying A Supplement Without These Additional Key Ingredients: Amino Acids, Pygeum Africanum, Pumpkin Seed and Stinging Nettle.
ALL these ingredients are important to help support your prostate, and they may ALL can work together to further help increase your chances of success. There is no magic bullet.  Quite simply, the more complete your prostate formula, the greater your chances of success. By missing out on taking any one of these ingredients you may be losing out on the potential benefits they can deliver.


Basing Your Decision on Price.
We have all had the unpleasant experience of realizing “you get what you pay for.” Sometimes we look for the lowest priced prostate supplement but get short-changed from poor results.

Even if you get your money back, if a prostate supplement does nothing for you, then you not only wasted your time but you also have subjected yourself to living with prostate issues that much longer. Therefore, let the quality, quantity, and diversity of ingredients in a formula help determine which prostate supplement you select.